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<Wond> It's been another two months, christmas is over. Going to school soon. Haven't done the webbie well yet.

<Wond> It's been two months! Finally, examination is over! Whoa I have been longing for this time to update my homepage. I know it is still quite pathetic but I need time to improve on its design. Just designed the background and I need to know people's feel about this. Is the white border around the page nice? I've been wondering for a long time. Any suggestions? Anyway the color of the border around the links <----- is grey, quite dull colored. I need some advice because I am not good at art and my "color sense" is poor, so I won't know whether a certain color goes well with another.

<Wond> Nowadays my comp have some problems, I type correct codes for html, for example, <font type="tahoma" size="2" color="#595959">. My computer just won't display it until I have restarted it. This is disappointing ¾ It makes me think I typed HTML codes wrongly...

<Wond> 4 days since I've updated this homepage. Because we had a secondary 3 camp from 26th August (Thursday) to the 28th (Saturday) ¾ That means we didn't have to go to school! The camp rocked. Mud smeared on the whole body, so I could see black figures walking around. Then during rock climbing ¾ about 1/3 way up ¾ I couldn't reach a rock above so could not continue climbing and had to give up. All benefit goes to the taller ppl, but sadly, the tall guys in my class didn't perform well. Cos not fit lah. Overall, the camp was good and fun. Anyway, Holy just doesn't care about this homepage, so I have to update it myself.....And I need ideas to improve this homepage, but where do I get them?

<Both> Geocities juz sux! Put popup ads then block part our site! Then look very ugly. At last we found another better and no ads server! Cool sia, 50mB of storage. It's been two days since we've updated our homepage together. Now we need improve the look of our site, so we're thinking of more ideas. Between both of us always have disputes. Can't agree on how the html should be written...

<Wond> Just got a pull-up bar! At last! I also bought gloves for exercise. Can you believe it ¾ the pull-up bar cost me $19.90 but the gloves cost me $29.90! Probably the gloves are of a good quality, who knows? Anyway I spent the night looking for the exercise items, so I couldn't update this page at night which I actually promised myself to. Holy just lazy to help me build this site, keep on playing CZ, so everything here is done by me.

<Wond> It's now 1:21am in the morning. I've been updating this page many times. Learning more each new day. :) Hope Holy can help me do a little design for this homepage...
3:08pm in the afternoon now. Just revisited my site, going to play CZ and source code. I need ideas to improve this page and I am trying to think of some. Hope I can update this website at night after playing computer. Btw, exams are over!

<Wond> Just started to build this part of our website. Continuing to learn HTML. One day this site would be built nicely.